Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Day 5

Morning, Well today is day 5 and i'm still hungry...lol
Last nights dinner was so good! I had steak and steamed broccoli and a small salad. It was actually really filling. I am not sure if its cause i was so hungry that the small amount was enough to fill me. But i was SO full when i was done. I split my 3 1/2 ounces of veggies up. I steamed 2 ounces of broccoli and put 1 1/2 ounces of radish onion and cucumber on my salad. Trying to stretch the plate out...lol I took a picture. that is a picture of the Walden Frams Ranch i put on my salad. I am going to Sprouts tonight to purchase some more Walden Farms Products.
I cook my dinner along with my lunch for the next day at night. I put everyhting in a little tub and then just have to dump it on some spinach. The picture is of my lunch before it's on the spinach. When i go to cook dinner i take out two protiens to thaw for the next day. It's a good system! I recommend it.
I am down to 182lbs from my my original 184lbs. I did gain 2lbs on my load days, like i stated before. So for the rest of my blog i am going to go by my load day weight wich was 186, so 3 days into the 500 calorie diet and i have lost 4lbs. :) I am happy! Still craving sweets though!
@Shalease- YES, please keep the sweets out of sight! Also just so everyone knows... Me and Shalease made a 20$ bet. She cannot say that she wants anythign sweet while she is on her hcg program. Everyone knows now..lol I'm already thinking about how im gonna spend my 20 dollars...hehehe

@Richie- Keep reading my blog and ask any questions... Yeah i want to be at 160-65lbs and then gain some muscle. Take care!
@Josh- We will be some skinny bitches... The diet is no joke though!!! lol

Monday, December 6, 2010

Day 4, Also day 2 and 3...weekend

Im hungry! lol Well not to bad, but i do want something sweet!

Friday Was day 1 and i loaded with 2 sausage mcmuffin and 1 hashbrown for brkfst. Lunch was 3 slices of pizza. Dinner Chinese food and candy and soda through out the day. On sat. day 2 i got a late start but had breakfast at 11 big mac fries and soda. Lunch was chicken alfredo pasta. Dinner chicken, beans, stuffing with icecream and chocolate for dessert and of course soda.
I went shopping at walmart on sat. I spent 44$ and should have enough food for two weeks. I bought 5 pounds of chicken (boneless skinless). It was cheaper to get the fresh over the frozen. Besides all they had was tyson chicken and we DONT buy tyson chicken! So i had to cut and portion it all out. But i am glad i did, everything is all ready to go. I bought some steak and shrimp also. lots of veggies and fruit.
I got some walden farms products from my manager that she had left over. I am going to need to buy some more. I have a ranch which is tasty, but sweet. I think it is going to be a staple. I am going to get some more things tomorrow. You can have any Walden Farms Product sold at Sprout's
I just cook up my chicken cut up all my veggies and put them over spinach with dressing. Tonight im having steak!
It's 3.5 ounces of meat and 3.5 ounces of veggies per meal, which is lunch and dinner and then a fruit for breakfast and one for a snack. My fruits are limited to oranges, apples, strawberrie and grapefruit. But if i have grapefruit i can only have half in the morning and the other half i have to have for my lunch.
My green tea that i can have with my stevia sweetner does not count as 1 of my 10 glasses of water ( 2 liters) ( I have to pee so bad right NOW!)
I need to find out about my chapstick, because of the oil and my daily vitamin the back says it contains fish. So i am not sure, as it doesnt say oil? You can not have any oil.
I gained 2lbs on my load days, so i started at 184 went to 185 then 186 and today i am down to 184. So i have lost 2 lbs but it was my load. Can't wait till tomorrow to see the weight loss.
Sorry if this is all over the place, im learning how to blog...lol

Friday, December 3, 2010

Day 1 pictures

I'm embarrassed...lol I'm not sucking it in...

12/03/10 Day 1

Today is my first day taking the HCG. I'm excited about it and i only want to lose about 15-20lbs so I am hoping 1 month will do the trick. The say men lose quicker then women. From the phone calls at work i have gotten, seems to be true. We have two versions a liquid or a tablet form. Both you place under your tongue. I went with the tablet. If the liquid reaches room temp it goes bad. Even with my discount its to expensive to chances that. Plus the tablet work just the same. They are very small and taste like mints. You put it under your tongue. Cant drink for 20 min after or eat for 1 hour after. You do this once in the am and once in the evening. Other companies offer shot for. But you have to be on the shots for 6 weeks then off for 6 weeks then back on for 6 weeks etc. Where with the oral form you can just stay on the hcg till you have reached your wieght loss goal. The first 2 days are "load" days. This is where you eat as much fatty food as you can. I started at McDonalds with 2 sausage mcmuffins and a hashbrown. You "load" to jump start the hcg hormone in your body. The load days are very important. The actual diet is 500 calories and pretty strict. Only certain fruits veggies and protiens. I will keep you posted on all the types as we go on. No sugar and no carbs. Lots of water! I will try and figure out how to get my first picture up here...Can't wait to see the progress, it's very quick so should start losing in a few days. I will be posting everyday, maybe not on the weekends unless i can figure out how to do this from my phone. See you 2mrw!